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Plenhyage represents a remarkable advancement in the field of skincare injectables. This innovative solution consists of a gel made from polymerised, polynucleotide-based substances that have been specifically designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged tissues. By stimulating fibroblasts, encouraging cellular regeneration, enhancing skin elasticity, promoting collagen synthesis, and providing deep hydration, Plenhyage offers a comprehensive approach to skin revitalisation.

Plenhyage At A Glance

Duration Of Treatment

30 minutes

Anaesthesia Required

No anaesthesia needed. Cream may be applied if necessary.


Hyaluronic acid hypersensitivity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are contraindications.



The recovery period for this procedure is minimal, with mild swelling and potentially mild bruising. These effects can be easily concealed using makeup.


Hydrates, improves lines & wrinkles and lifts.

Effective For

Targets hollow eyes, dehydrated skin, and stretch marks, providing firmness, contouring, and increased collagen type 1 for enhanced definition.

Number Of Treatments

2-3 treatments. 2-4 weeks apart.


Price available on consultation.


Most frequent questions and answers about Plenhyage

Plenhyage emerges as a reliable and efficient treatment option suitable for a wide range of individuals, offering solutions to a multitude of concerns. Particularly for those who may not be suitable candidates for Tear Trough Dermal Filler, Plenhyage presents a viable alternative.

This treatment proves highly beneficial for individuals experiencing fine lines, wrinkles, diminished elasticity, redness, sensitivity, Rosacea, and scarring. If you are affected by any of these conditions, Plenhyage could be an excellent treatment choice to consider.

Plenhyage is classified as a regenerative treatment due to its remarkable ability to stimulate the natural healing and renewal processes of the skin. The polynucleotides extracted from Salmon play a crucial role in activating fibroblast and stem cells, which in turn promote the regeneration of your own skin cells.

To achieve optimal results, it is typically recommended to undergo 2-4 treatment sessions spaced approximately 20 days apart. The cumulative effect of these treatments allows for the gradual and sustained improvement of the skin. While individual experiences may vary, it is commonly observed that noticeable results become apparent around 90 days after the completion of the treatment regimen.

By following the recommended treatment protocol and allowing ample time for the regenerative processes to take effect, individuals can experience the transformative effects of Plenhyage, witnessing a revitalized and rejuvenated appearance over the course of several months.

Patients can expect to see results after three weeks which will last six to nine months.


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Plenhyage Treatment

If you are seeking a treatment that not only repairs existing skin damage but also delivers optimal performance, Plenhyage is an excellent choice. Its unique formulation with nucleotides offers antioxidant and protective properties, making it a comprehensive solution for rejuvenating and restoring the skin’s health and appearance.

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The anti-wrinkle treatment has really given a shine to my face and smoothed out all my wrinkles. My skin feels so much softer, I am extremely happy with the outcome.
Marya A
I had Botox with Dr Reham and I cannot recommend her enough, she was brilliant throughout and extremely knowledgable. I am so pleased with the results.
Lauren L