Fat-Dissolving Injections Cambridge
Fat-Dissolving Injections Cambridge

Fat-Dissolving Injections

A fat-dissolving injection is a revolutionary non-surgical solution that dissolves and minimises localised fat safely and effectively. The injection used is DESO, which breaks down the fat cell membrane from multiple areas of the face, i.e., double chin and fat around jowls and jawline.


Most frequent questions and answers about fat-dissolving injections

Many areas of our face and body do not reduce or tone up after exercising and dieting. To shift stubborn fat with fat removal injections, the areas that need transformation are

  • Jowls
  • Muffin top (around hips),
  • Bingo wings (upper arms),
  • Chest, stomach,
  • Inner and outer thighs,

The injections work for a healthy weight, not the best choice for the person with large unwanted fat areas. The injections are not ideal for diabetic patients having kidney or liver disease and for patients who take blood thinners. The results are permanent, and the procedure takes 30 minutes.

It’s a long-lasting and non-surgical solution with no anesthetic, scarring, incision, and stitch risk. Some temporary side effects include swelling, bruising, and redness in the injection area, which reside after a few days.

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Fat-Dissolving Injections
DESO Fat Loss Without Surgery

Fat-Dissolving Injections are a great option to eliminate areas of stubborn fat.

If you suffer from a localised fat build up under the chin, under the arms, or over your torso and sides, targeted Fat Dissolving Injections using Desobody is a non-surgical treatment and therefore does not require any downtime or recovery time.

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A huge thank you to Dr Reham, very attentive and patient. Love how professional she was, even checked up on me after my appointment. Great care and service.
I cannot recommend Dr Reham enough, she was brilliant throughout and extremely knowledgable. I am so pleased with the results.