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Facial Aesthetics Cambridge
Facial Aesthetics Cambridge

Dr. Reham



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I am experienced cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetics practitioner based in Cambridge. With a special interest in natural looking transformations and results.

I understand that you have a hectic routine, and the thought of time consuming appointments and treatments makes you stay away from caring for yourself. Wait, don’t worry; I am are here for you. I provide efficient services that complement your routine so you can give yourself the care you deserve.

Facial Aesthetics Cambridge
Anti-wrinkle injections non-invasive treatment that reduces lines and wrinkles without surgery.

Dermal fillers rejuvenate your facial contours to gain a youthful impression.

Fat-dissolving injection dissolves face fat from multiple areas of the face and body in a non-surgical solution.

I’ll help you achieve a beautiful smile using invisalign or composite bonding

Facial Aesthetics Cambridge

Dr. Reham

Facial Aesthetics Practitioner & Cosmetic Dentist

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Testimonials by Our Happy Patients

A huge thank you to Dr. Reham, very attentive and patient. Love how she is professional, even checked up on me after my appointment. Great care and service. Give her a visit for any facial and dental concerns you have.

    I visited Dr. Reham for facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. I was very nervous, but she was so supportive not only during the treatments, also after the treatments had been done. Very professional and reassuring. Talented women, to say the least! I am so pleased with how I look and can't wait to head back again! Thank you so much

      Dr. Reham, THANK YOU. I am always nervous when I come in for cosmetic treatment in case it doesn't turn out how I imagined. Both times I have visited, you have been so welcoming and reassuring, and more to the point, your treatments have been spot on each time. I LOVE my lips now thanks to your build up. They look natural and just how I wanted them. I shouldn't worry anymore. Such a confidence booster. Thank you.